"La vocacion del politico de carrera es hacer de cada solucion un problema. "
Woody Allen

"La política es el arte de buscar problemas, encontrarlos, hacer un diagnostico falso y aplicar después los remedios equivocados."
Groucho Marx

"la política es demasiado importante como para dejarla en manos de los políticos profesionales"
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viernes, julio 22, 2011

Out of order.

I was checking my blog entries and came to a most discouraging conclusion: only a couple of posts during the last month. So I reckon I’m in the lowest point of my blog production ever.

But, what am I doing instead?
I don’t use much internet these days, neither other blogs, nor Facebook are stealing any time from my crónicas. I play guitar but not more than forty minutes a day, and it’s been more than three months since my last recording. And I guess I had made less than 100 photos since my last trip to Florence. Well, maybe I’m watching little bit more TV, but no more than a couple of hours a day, and I’m leaving work at 15.30. And every now and then I spent three or four hours reading, like yesterday.  

The question is time is slipping among my fingers without leaving any signal. And all I came to think about stopping this shortage of writings is an English post. Obviously not my mother language as you can see. But I guess this is a little twist in this blog just to avoid extreme boredom.  

The photo: by the Ponte vecchio in Florence

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Paul dijo...

My God, you are more leveraged than a Teletubby on a bed of velcro.

heptafon dijo...


Si te gusta...

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